Top Guitar Playing Tips

I know of several individuals who are struggling with learning how to play the guitar. As a music instructor, I came across this link that is beneficial to introducing my learners to the music industry.

You will find a lot of information about singing on this site. In the meantime, I am interested in assisting you to learn some of the basic guitar playing techniques.

These techniques are critical whether you are an armature or experienced guitarist.

Understand your Guitar Patterns and Scales

You may take this to be obvious, but you need to allocate enough time to learn your scales. I have a friend who has been playing the guitar for fifteen years and still has no understanding of the pentatonic scales in all the five positions and patterns.

You should learn these scales in all their positions and keys.

The approach will enable you to learn songs as you play in a band or with other people and allow you to do some improvisations. It sounds crazy to stand and wait for someone who came for a jam to hand you sheet music.

Where to Place Your Thumb on the Guitar

Most guitar players hold the instrument with their left hand and develop poor guitar playing techniques. You should allow your left-hand thumb to sit on the back of its neck which is directly opposite the second finger which should be resting on the middle joint of your thumb.

Proper technique is critical to good guitar playing, and you will produce a poor performance if you use a sloppy left-hand position.

However, there is no need to worry since the thumb rule is not a matter of fail or pass like other things on the guitar. It’s important to note that you will move the thumb depending on the kind of cord you are playing. Some players use their thumb to fret a few chords.

I use the thumb while playing the D/F# chord in a position that is open. Placing your thumb in the right position will assist you to generate clean sounding chords.

Play the Guitar with Other People

Playing with other people will assist you to learn the guitar faster more than any other tip. You will not benefit from the practice and time you invest on those chords and scales if nobody tests you.

Testing will assist you to demonstrate what you have learnt and what you need to work on. You may learn more guitar playing tips from this link

Learn Playing Songs on the Guitar

You cannot learn how to play guitar unless you know how to play songs. Most audiences may not only want to hear your techniques and knowledge of chords and scales.

As a guitarist, my biggest problem was only learning the memorable sections of the song and the introductions. Playing a song enhances your ability to play the guitar.

You need to apply the theory of chords and scales in the song if you wish to expand your thinking beyond patterns and shapes to songs and music.

It’s initially confusing to understand how to construct songs but the concept of music theory become secondary nature with time, and you will learn how to set rules that fit into the music and not the vice versa.