Reasons Why You Can’t Sing How You Want To Sing

There is a category of people in the world that can sing really well right from their birth. They have a great voice right from the nature and even before practicing at all they sound really good.

Their natural tone is beautiful and the way they hit every note in a song is always entertaining for people. However, there are times when even these people reach a point of plateau. They can notice that their voice is not getting better than it already is. To make it worse, there are some songs that they can’t actually sing properly.

They are the first ones to know that they are not being able to sing a particular song properly because they have the basic understanding of right notes, proper tone and in-tune singing.

There can be many reasons why they can’t sing a song the way they want to sing. First, they are singing the song without practice. You can already notice the different in how you handle a song when you are singing it for the first time and when you are singing it for 20th time. Sometimes it could be that you are singing without proper warmup.

It is best to warm up before singing through lip trills, tongue trills and a few breathing exercises before you sing a song. Humming is one of the most effective methods of preparing your throat for singing. If you still find troubles in singing this song, this might be due to a technical error. You might be trying to sing the song out of your range.

That’s right. You can’t sing a song out of range when you are trying to sing it in the same scale as the original singer when there is a huge difference between his/her natural pitch and yours.

Find your voice’s natural tone and your key. Tone down a song to sing it in the key that you are comfortable with. You can notice some singers singing a song an octave higher than you easily. However, this is nothing to worry for.

This is a natural process and you don’t have to hit those notes if the range of your voice lies beneath that singer’s range. Another thing to keep in mind before you start singing a song is to know the genre to which that song belongs to. Different genres require the application of different techniques for singing.

For example, you might not need to work too much on your vibrato if you are a pop or rock singer. However, you will definitely have to work on your falsetto if there are high notes in your songs.

Similarly, different genres require work on different techniques and the song that’s bothering you might not be from a genre your voice is used to singing. There are voices that would mold according to the genre and so they can sing many genres but they still can’t sing all the genres out there.

Lastly, be mentally relaxed while singing a song to not ruin its difficult parts.