Music Instruments and Toys: Which one is the Best for Your Child

toys-for-kidsAs a parent who has kids who enjoy music, you can either buy them musical toys or real music instruments for kids. Each approach has its advantages and disadvantages.

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You cannot appreciate the importance of music to kids unless you take the time to learn about this topic. The main advantage of buying real music instruments is that early exposure makes kids great players of the said musical instrument.

Recent surveys reveal that exposing children to real musical instruments can develop certain brain functionalities in them. For example, exposing children to instrumental playing develops spatial reasoning skills among them.

The main disadvantage of the real musical instrument is that they are costlier than music toys. Real musical instruments are also not sustainable across all ages.

You have to expose some kids to toys first before introducing them to instrumentation. You have to develop the coordination or psychomotor and cognitive skills of the kids before you expect them to play the instrument in a meaningful manner.

One advantage of music toys is that they are less costly in comparison to real music instruments. Any child within the age of 3 to 6 years can relate to toys.

Exposing kids to music toys is a great way of setting them off the journey of music. Some of the toys give your kids a meaningful exposure to music such as the keyboard toys that allow the child to play real melodies.

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You can even get some of these toys with less than $ 10. There is no option but to use music toys for kids that are below three years of age.

You can expose them to real music instruments as they continue growing up. It is very difficult to come across a kid who is less than four years of age playing a real music instrument in a reasonable manner.

One disadvantage of musical toys is that there comes a time when the kid overgrows them whether you like it or not. Therefore, you will have to graduate your kids to real music instruments at some point if you are keen to growing them as musicians.

Some music experts argue that exposing children to toys does not give them a meaningful exposure to real music. Some of them claim that it is better for parents to wait until their kids achieve the age of playing real music instruments before they can expose them to music.

However, I believe it is better to begin with toys and graduate your kids gradually. By the time you are introducing them to real musical instruments, they already have some skills in music.

It becomes very easy for them to catch up with the process of playing real music instruments.