Would You Like to Improve Your Singing Skills?

Most people during their life will sing at some time, and it is usually in public but it seems that most of us think we are bad singers and that the applause or smiles we get for our effort are just people being polite.

For most of us it is true that we are not good singers because we have never learnt how to sing better and this has more to do with our lack of knowledge about the art of singing than our voice.  As an example, one common topic beginner singers need to develop knowledge about is nasal tones.

There are natural singers amongst us but they are an extremely rare commodity.

Here are the basics you should know if you want to learn how to sing better than you currently do:

singer boyThe first basic they say you should know is that to sing properly the first consideration is your posture, good posture is vital. Good singing posture means having a straight back, either sitting or standing is okay but the straight back is the vital element, also your head should be directly in line with your spine.

The second most vital part of singing correctly is that you must learn to breathe from your diaphragm, correct breathing is critical, breathing from your diaphragm means that when you breathe in or out your abdomen will expand or contract instead of your chest.

The easiest way to practice this is to place a hand on your stomach and inhale, your abdomen should expand and jut out, your chest should not move. When breathing using your diaphragm it is said that it feels like doing situps, and professional singers all have very strong abdominal muscles because they exercise them all the time.

One of the first training exercises most vocalists are taught is called “opening your vowels”, it is also called the “open throat technique”. They start out by saying the vowels of the English alphabet, when saying these vowels in sequence your jaw should not close, if it does they recommend keeping your lower jaw down by holding it with your fingers.

Practice and Repetition is KeyYou need to repeat this exercise until you can say the vowel sequence with your mouth open. Once you can say all the vowels the next step is to start singing the vowels. You will need considerable practice to achieve the desired results, it will improve the quality of your singing and it will help grow your voice.

There are numerous tips that come into play after you have started to learn how to sing, these are all designed to help improve individual aspects of your singing. If you want to learn to sing higher notes, or to generate more power in your voice, point your chin downwards.

Everyone starts out with a limited vocal range but professional singers have extended their vocal range dramatically, they do it by doing certain exercises because without practice their voice will revert to its natural range very quickly. The easiest and most effective way of extending your vocal range is by singing what they call musical scales.