How To Come Up With A Likeable Song

Rock.It makes a lot of people around the world wonder how top singers of the time are able to come up with such great songs that not only get millions and billions of online views but also get stuck in people’s heads for years.

First, it is not always the singers that come up with such songs. Sometimes they have songwriters doing all of the songwriting for them and at times they will come up with the tune and melody too.

Sometimes the singers will only see the lyrics and make their own melody and tune. In a similar way, you could make a great song too.

First thing you need to know in order to come up with a great song are your strengths. You don’t want to write lyrics if you already know you are not good at writing them.

If your words don’t carry weight and don’t fit into a melody that you have in your head, take help from others. Look for someone who can write better stuff and has some grasp over the use of words.

Keep yourself specifically for singing if you think your voice is your strength. Make sure to sing the songs that sound the best in your voice.

After singing for some time a singer already knows what type of music his/her voice is suited for. You can take help from a voice trainer too if you are not sure about that. Another important thing to come up with great melodies is to capture all of them as soon as they come in your head.

Keep your smartphone ready for recording a melody. You don’t always have to come up with full lyrics before you make a song. Sometimes, it is just the starting line of the lyrics that gives you the rest of it too.

Once you have the lyrics and melody ready, sing in front of some people. Don’t rely on the people in your family only because on most occasions they would not say bad things about your creation to not hurt your feelings.

Keep tweaking the melody here and there to come up with a song that you can sing smoothly. If some parts of the song don’t sound right to you, they are not right then. Sing the song slowly to capture every note and identify the notes you need to remove and those that you need to add.

When it comes to singing, make sure you have gone through proper voice training to sound beautiful on every word of your lyrics. Know the lip trills and tongue trills as warmups before your singing. Learn the control of your breathing, the art of hitting high notes and the mechanics of singing in order to sound powerful.

Practice your tone as much as possible to make your voice your own. Take voice lessons from some trained instructor to know how to best use your throat while singing without sounding too tense and strained. Make sure you are singing with the right technique because a wrong one would damage your voice.